Episode 0: Introduction

In our introductory episode, get to know your podcast hosts, Anna and Wendy! They discuss some of their favorite things about LOST, interview Mike Maloney (creator/editor/mastermind of Chronologically LOST), and preview the format of future podcast episodes. Podcast length 1 hr 34 min.

Download mp3

(Mike Maloney interview starts at 52:12)

Parody mentioned on the podcast : Johnny Locke by Ms. Wendy

8 thoughts on “Episode 0: Introduction

    • Hi Jeff (Sgrmac),

      Thank you for the kind words about the podcast. Glad to have you as a listener and hope you stop by again and let us know some of your thoughts about watching LOST chronologically. 🙂

  1. Really looking forward to this, you guys! Do you know when you’ll start recording? (Sorry if you said it in your intro, I listened to it a little while ago.)

    • Hi Kelly – I think we only mentioned that we’d try to be a weekly podcast. We’re recording our first episode this week! Thanks for listening!

  2. The two of you always played so well off each other when you appeared on podcasts together in the past and I remember Heath Solo saying that you should host a podcast together. I am glad it has finally happened and can’t wait for future episodes!

    Also, as a Lost Revisited Now fanboy, I can’t help but hope that this chronological viewing will bring with it a greater understanding of the enigma that is Efren Salonga!

    • Hi Kelum!

      Thank you. Yes, Mr. Solo’s wish has come true…lol. But how could I miss a chance to podcast about LOST ( or anything else) with someone as amazing as Anna. Glad you found our show and hope that LOST in Order will be recipient of your great feedback that we received in the LRNow days.

      And when it Efren Salonga time, we will, of course, add a link to the extravaganza podcast…and will wait in wonder as to what new mysteries may unfold about him as we watch it chronologically. 😉

  3. Great show and many thanks for the great interview with Mike Maloney! I also liked your “favorites” segment! Cool stuff.

    I found out about you guys through the Chronologically Lost Facebook page and just finished listening to your introductory episode. I’m really excited about your podcast idea and everything you plan to do! Very cool.
    Especially, since I always planned to watch CL but just never gotten around to actually doing it. But now, I will watch it “together” with you!

    … And as for the “best scarf moment” (I don’t know if this even qualifies in this category but I just love it):
    It’s towards the end of Season 1, Ep 17 when Sun decides to take a swim in the ocean. She has this great blue shawl/blanket wrapped around her and then she lets it drop, and it floats in the wind…
    It is just so beautifully photographed, and the entire sequence is so full of emotion, too.

    All the best for the show!
    Greetings from Munich, Germany

    • Hi Andreas!

      So happy that you will be making this ‘journey” with us. Thank you for the well wishes and glad that you enjoyed the introductory episode. Mike was just so generous with his time and couldn’t have been nicer and more forthcoming with the answers to our questions.

      And if you have any more thoughts that come to mind as we go through ChronoLOST, the Coconut Internet is always available. 🙂

      Love your ” Best Scarf” pick! We’ll count it as an extra large Pashmina…lol. Well done!

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