Episode 1: The Beginning

It’s our first episode covering an episode! Anna and Wendy discuss the first episode of Chronologically LOST, 001-The Beginning, featuring most of Across the Sea and a time flash from This Place Is Death. Podcast length 49 min.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 1: The Beginning

  1. Wendy! If you’re wondering if you heard what you think you heard when listening to an episode, just flip on “Closed Captions” in the video. Then you won’t have to look silly thinking that “Across the Sea” was using Spanish instead of Latin.

  2. Hi Bucky Badger!

    Good point! Wasn’t even thinking that at the time. We got your comment moments before we recorded latest episode, so we address the use of Closed Captions and Chronologically LOST in the show. But afterwards, we read the transcript of the show and we will talk about our “findings” in the following podcast episode.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and hope you’re enjoying the podcast and watching Chronologically LOST along with us.

    P.S. Oh, I look silly so often, I’ve lost count….lol 😉

    • Actually, my apologies — I just re-watched and saw that the Latin is not shown in the captions. But anyway, Gratias is the Latin word, probably the root of the Spanish “Gracias”. Modern languages (Spanish, French, Italian, English) have roots in Latin. But glad you’re looking at captions. So many LOST podcast arguments about what was really said could have been resolved just by looking at the captions!

  3. Hi Wendy and Anna, it sounds like you need John Locke to come over and give that old Audacity wheel a little nudge to sync up your timelines.
    Thanks for the chronological rewatch podcast, I am really enjoying it and looking forward to seeing the characters in a new light. Lost quite often would develop a character in a way to make us feel either sympathetic or hostile to them, and then would quite often do a switcharou. By seeing young Ben first (before the conniving, lying, manipulative, murderous, rat bastard Ben we all know and love was introduced) we immediately have a lot of sympathy for him. I am really looking forward to how his timeline is presented to see how we view his overall character, actions and motivations. MIB is another good example. I am incredibly sympathetic to him and down right hostile to Island Mother and Jacob (he’s a bit of a woman-who-killed-his-momma’s boy). Just a question about episode 3 and ending with Ben seeing his ‘mother’. Does that mean Ben was ‘special’ like Hurly (we never saw any indication of any special ability later) or was the apperance of his mom just the smoke monster, manipulating him and giving him the kind of vision that would catch Richard’s attention?
    mr badd
    ps Silvio Berlusconi was Italy’s Prime Minister on and off for a long time (in between numerous indictments for bribery). He’s a real piece of work and ranks right up there with John Locke’s dad. He’s a notorious womanizer, and the “bunga bunga” parties he threw were notorious orgy like bacanalas.

  4. Hi Mr. Badd,

    Yeah, we’ve had some sort of hiccup at every recording, thus far. This time it was with the program we are using (prior to Audacity) . We’re working on it ( i.e. Anna is working on it because no one wants me near any technology…lol.)

    Agreed, Lost really knows how to show the many dimensions of a character and throwing off our perceptions, like with Ben and MIB …but still leave things open ended on which way they might turn, right up until the very end. (One of the first “twists” I enjoyed in the writing was the portrayal of Jin)

    Good questions about Ben and whether his vision of Emily was for Richard’s ‘benefit’, as well. From what we know from people that could “see” deceased people that were off island, did Smokey even encounter Ben and ‘read’ him , like he did with Richardos and Mr. Eko (and possibly even Jack, most likely Locke)? Even Sawyer saw a progressively aging Jacob that had since died . Richard who couldn’t ‘see’ Isabella when Hurley did, Mr. Eko and Jack’s ‘visions’ were of people on island, but Jack having one off island, Locke having one of Boone on island (although, that was through ‘medicinal’ means) and Jacob eventually revealed himself to Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer)? Did Ben have that same ability that Miles (hearing) and Hurley ( seeing/hearing) had, off island? Is that one of the reasons that he could be second to Hugo? Or was all this seeing/ specialness having to do with Jacob’s Rules? Did those abilities cease to be once Jacob’s ashes burned up and Jack, then Hugo, became leader, with maybe Hurley the only one to keep them…until they bring back Walt? Maybe that is why Walt was so special, like Desmond being “special” for being the only person who could withstand Widmore’s Wayback Machine & the hatch implosion and being able to travel to even the flash sideways?

    Oh, Mother! Maybe you were right…”Every question I answer will only lead to more questions.” Still going to ask them anyway. 🙂

    P.S. We started to look up about Mr. Berlusconi’s history…then we chose not to delve too much farther, seeing some of his antics might lead us into some of the scarier places on the Interwebs. LOL

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