Episode 7: 1977 day 3 – day 4

Anna and Wendy discuss episode 7 of Chronologically LOST, 007: 1977 day 3 – day 4, featuring family matters with Miles and Dr. Chang, Faraday’s return to the island, the shootout at the motor pool, and Faraday trekking out to the Others’ village to find his mother. Podcast length 1 hr 23 min.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 7: 1977 day 3 – day 4

  1. A and W, better than the root beer. Thanks for doing the rewatch in order. Loving every minute. I saw the maze runner tonight, and thought it was a solid captivating movie. One Lost fans would enjoy. The only fail I saw was the blatant money grab for a sequel at the end. Some things are better left unspoken…cheers Kevin in maine

  2. Hi Kevin! Thank you so much for the kind words ( and A & W root beer is tough to beat! ) So glad you are enjoying the podcast. Will share with the listeners about The Maze Runner. Sound interesting. Will have to check it out. Always looking for good LOST connections. Oh, sequels! But if they can keep a decent story going…. it just might pay off. 😉

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