Episode 13: 1999-2001

Anna and Wendy discuss episode 13 of Chronologically LOST, Episode 013 – 1999 – 2001, featuring Jin and Sun’s relationship from inception to early marriage, Claire’s car crash and Christian Shephard’s visit and “help”, DriveShaft getting played on the radio for the first time, Jack cutting the dural sac, a few off-island visits from Jacob, and Locke confronting Anthony Cooper and getting pushed out the window. Podcast length 1 hr 20 min.

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  • Never Let It Fade Away: My LOST Moment – One fan’s way to “pay homage to the show by collecting fans’ memories of LOST and, hopefully, being able to retell this beautiful story from the viewers’ perspective, all across the globe.” LOST fans are encouraged to submit their favorite LOST moment and explain what it means to them. Read their stories, and submit your own!
  • For next time: Episode 014 – 2001

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