Episode 16: 2001

Anna and Wendy discuss episode 16 of Chronologically LOST, Episode 016 – 2001, featuring Juliet’s transition from her sister’s bedside to the Island, Kate meeting Cassidy and finding a way to talk to her mother, and Desmond’s arrival on the Island. Podcast length 1 hr 28 min.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 16: 2001

  1. Hi Anna and Wendy,

    just wanted to chime in with my suggestions for band names featuring Juliet Burke.

    Juliet and the Jacobs Cabin Revivial Juliet and her big bang bluesmen Juliet and her honkytonk hostiles Juliet and they might be others Juliet and her men of constant sorrow Juliet and the hurly birds Juliet by the numbers Juliet and her motely crue of others Juliet and the dharma street shuffle Juliet and the Neversink Island Revival

    Thanks for the most enjoyable podast.

    Steve aka mr badd

    Oh and if you want an example of mr badd’s wit, (who wouldn’t) check out my first blog post. I unapologetically plagiarize from the opening pages of the gunslinger first novel. You should read it now. If you wait to read the next 2500 pages it will be as unintelligible as the rest of my blog. http://baddlosttheories.blogspot.com/2009/12/mr-badd-had-dream-badd-dream-very-badd.html

    Oh and thanks for mentioning my blog. I think you have actually led some english speaking internet nomads to find my blog. Previously my hits were mostly from Kokshetau in North Kazakhstan (I kid you not), one of the joys of using FEEDJIT Live Traffic Map widget.

    Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 01:41:42 +0000 To: sebabb@hotmail.com

  2. Hey Mr. Badd,

    Spectacular job with the Juliet band names! You’re welcome. Glad to direct more people towards wittiness. ( Apparently, North Kazakhstan is the world’s epicenter of droll). Hey, who knows. The Gunslinger might be the first tome in the potential spinoff of LOST in Order: Burn Muffins: The LOST Bookclub podcast. 🙂

    Thank for the feedback and support of the podcast.

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