Episode 20: 2003-2004

Anna and Wendy discuss episode 20 of Chronologically LOST, Episode 020 – 2003-2004, featuring Jack in Pukhet, Ana Lucia’s return to active duty with the LAPD, the S5 time flash where Jin reunites with the group, Rose and Bernard meeting, pregnant Claire talking to her boyfriend and visiting the psychic, Jack wanting to know the name of Sarah’s new guy, and Hurley winning the lottery and going on one last hurrah with Johnny. Podcast length 1 hr 25 min.

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  • Call our voicemail line: 334-316-LOST
  • Never Let It Fade Away: LOST jigsaw puzzles from TDC games – The Hatch, The Others, The Numbers, Before the Crash; still available on Amazon
  • For next time: Episode 021 – 2004

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