Episode 33: October 3-7 2004 (days 12-16)

Anna and Wendy discuss episode 33 of Chronologically LOST, Episode 033 – October 3-7 2004 (days 12-16), featuring Sayid’s encounter with Rousseau, Hurley’s first (and hopefully last) island open, Claire’s nightmares and Jack’s ever-increasing certainty that she’ll be giving birth soon and on the island, and Hurley taking a census. Podcast length 1 hr 32 min.

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Episode 32: September 30 – October 3 2004 (days 9-12)

Anna and Wendy discuss episode 32 of Chronologically LOST, Episode 032 – September 30-October 3 2004 (days 9-12), featuring Shannon’s inhalers, Sawyer’s letter, Charlie and Claire and the invisible peanut butter, Sayid leaving, finding a cable, and getting caught in a trap, and Ana Lucia becoming suspicious of Nathan. Podcast length 1 hr 25 min.

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Episode 31: September 28-29 2004 (days 7-8)

Anna and Wendy discuss episode 31 of Chronologically LOST, Episode 031 – September 28-29 2004 (days 7-8), featuring Charlie’s struggle with Locke and himself to ditch her heroin addiction, conversations about moving to the caves with a few folks following through, Michael returning the watch to Jin, Goodwin catching a chicken, Libby comforting a still-silent Eko, Charlie causing a cave-in where Jack is trapped, and Sayid working to triangulate the signal, only to get knocked unconscious. Podcast length 1 hr 22 min.

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Episode 030: September 27-28 2004 (days 6-7)

Anna and Wendy discuss episode 30 of Chronologically LOST, Episode 030 – September 27-28 2004 (days 6-7), featuring stolen water, Jack chasing after his father and finding the caves, the famous “live together, die alone” speech, Jin attacking Michael, Charlie’s unpleasant encounter with a beehive, the discovery of Adam and Eve, and Sun surprising Michael by speaking in English. Podcast length 1 hr 22 min.

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