Episode 59: November 28 2004 day 68

Anna and Wendy discuss episode 59 of Chronologically LOST, Episode 059 – November 28 2004 (day 68), featuring Jack, Kate, and Sawyer waking up in an unknown location, Juliet starting to befriend Jack, and voiceless Locke and his sweat lodge vision. Podcast length 1 hr 31 min.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 59: November 28 2004 day 68

  1. I think all the various dreams/visions came from Smokey. He sent Locke to rescue Eko because he was planning to manipulate Eko again as Yemi. However, when he actually appeared in front of Eko later he realized that wouldn’t work and killed him. A similar confrontation took place between SmokeLocke and Desmond at a well in Season 6.
    I also think (but am a little less certain) that in late season 2 Smokey had Eko take Locke to the Pearl so the button would stop being pressed and he could get Jacob/the candidates killed earlier via another Incident. Eko messed up that plan by continuing to press it until Desmond returned.

  2. Excellent thoughts, whitehelm, about the Smokey/dreams connection. Good point about Desmond. Just another reason to wonder what happens when you go through the light cave…and survive. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

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