About the podcast

Your hosts are Wendy from the It’s About Bunnies blog and formerly of the LOST Revisited Now podcast, and Anna formerly of Jacob’s Cabin LOST podcast.

Our episodes will be structured by the following segments:

  •      As the Frozen Donkey Wheel Turns – a survey of the dates (within the show) covered and original episodes (and their air dates) used to create the Chronologically LOST episode, and a review of major timeline events with discussion of any possible timeline discrepancies (Song: Turning of the Century by Wil Maring)
  •     VH1 Has Beens – a look at real life history/pop culture happenings and factoids that are mentioned in the episode (Song: Weekend Rockstar by Spiritual House)
  •     Jungle of Mystery – a discussion of questions/mysteries that were introduced but never (partly or fully) answered, plus any related questions we have now (Song: I’ve Got So Many Questions by Ken Kurland with vocals by Penny Towers Wilber)
  •     Never Let It Fade Away – a nostalgic “remember when” spotlight; each episode, one item from outside the show that enhanced our experience as devoted LOST fans will be highlighted, be it a song, YouTube video, RPG, LOST podcast, artist, author, etc! (Song: You and I Won’t Fade Away by Friction Bailey)
  •     The Coconut Internet – hearing from and responding to our listeners and co-Chronologically-LOST-watchers! (Song: Coconut Day by Shattervox)

( WARNING: If you have never watched the television program LOST in its entirety, we HIGHLY recommend that you finish watching the show first before listening to the LOST in Order podcast. This podcast will be full of spoilers for the show. ) 

All songs used on the podcast are from Music Alley from Mevio which can be found at www.musicalley.com

The announcer for the LOST in Order podcast is Mr. Axel Foley (Thanks, Axel!)

Wendy and Anna, LOST finale party, May 2010

Wendy and Anna, LOST finale party, May 2010

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