Episode 60: November 28-29 2004 days 68-69

Anna and Wendy discuss episode 59 of Chronologically LOST, Episode 060 – November 28-29 2004 (days 68-69), featuring Locke and Charlie partnering to rescue Eko, a failed ambush by the trio on the boat, Sawyer and Kate doing manual labor, and Ben telling Jack that the Red Sox won the World Series. Podcast length 1 hr 15 min.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 60: November 28-29 2004 days 68-69

  1. Is there a reason you keep going months with nothing and then unload 20 podcast episodes at once on my podcast provider? It’s driving me nuts! It’s depressing to have that many to get through on top of all the other podcasts I listen to. 😦

    • This is on me. I don’t add our episodes to the LPN as often as I should (this is the first feedback I’ve received to indicate that anyone was even following along via the LPN and not through our individual feed!), mostly out of forgetfulness and laziness (my login is an account I rarely use anymore). Sorry for accidentally spamming you with episodes! I’ll try to update more regularly in the future.

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